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Chapter Members EVs page              EV related Merchandise
This Month's Meeting:

July 4th Parade and Other Event Planning

Sat, May 28, 2016

Meeting Location: Island City Cafe, 1929 Broadway, Alameda, CA


For those interested in getting together and driving/displaying their EV, come gather next Saturday, May 28, from 10-12 at Island City Café, corner of Blanding and Broadway in Alameda. The bus transit stop is right across the street, for those without EVs. The parking lot is good size and visible from the street traffic.

Would like to have people share their EV experiences, suggest topics and directions for the group and have a relaxing time over coffee and food. We have the July 4th parade coming up and would like to get member's input int possible meetings and events moving forward.

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    Time Location Topic/Event
    4th Sat 10-12 Alameda Planning Meeting


    4th Sat 10-12 Alameda Topic TBD


    1st Mon 9-1 Alameda Parade

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    Chapter Members EVs page

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